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Inorganic Minerals and Metals MRL MCL Level Found
Calcium 0.10 NR 4.4-7.7
Sodium 0.20 NR 3.9-7.4
Potassium 0.10 NR 0.65-1.0
Magnesium 0.10 NR 0.91-1.2
Bicarbonate 1.0 NR 6.7-20
Nitrate 0.010 10.00 0.22-0.85
Chloride 1.10 250 5.5-13
Copper 0.050 1.0 ND
pH (units) NA NA 5.72-6.68
Sulfate 0.10 250 2.0-5.8
Arsenic 0.0014 0.010 ND
Lead 0.005 0.005 ND
Total Dissolved Solids 1.0 NR 35-46


Level Found - The highest level of each subtance detected at or above the MRL in representative finished product samples.

MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level. The highest level of a subtance allowed by law in drinking water (bottled or tap water). The MCLs shown are the federal MCLs set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration, unless no federal MCL exists.

MRL - Minimum Reporting Limit. These values are set by the agencies to reflect the lowest concentration of each subtance that can be accurately quantified by applicable testing methods, and are also the minimum reporting thresolds applicable to the Consumer Confidence Reports produced by tap water suppliers.

ND - Not detected at or above the MRL.

NR - Not listed in State or Federal drinking water regulations.

NA - Not applicable to specific test method or test parameter.